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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Analysts said Google need to a build long way to go mobile phones

Mobile news:

December 30 news, Google will release own-brand mobile phones on January 6 and will the "Financial Times" today, an interview with an analyst Ashok Kumar (Ashok Kumar), he said, in the equipment manufacturing business, almost every family wants to have a foothold, because they want the latest generation of Internet devices to play gatekeeper. Xiao Ke Kumar is the U.S. Northeast Securities (Northeast Securities) analyst, who first learned that Google launched its own mobile phone messages.

Kumar said that in the flat before Apple released a mobile phone, Google can grab opponents limelight, attracting followers to pay attention to your first one consumer electronic devices.

However, some analysts have warned that once the product's success, other mobile phone operators may be far away from Google.

Gartner analysts said: "If Apple is engaging in its own mobile phone, it may be a stupid idea." In his view, Google should be printed on the device, as more influential, rather than self-made mobile phone, the other Li portal.

Kumar warned that unless the Google control over the entire mobile element, from hardware design to user interface, it would be difficult to create distinctive products like the iPhone the same, and may send a larger market to Apple.
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