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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Microsoft denied that Windows 7 security patches will be addressed to the "black screen of death"

Windows 7 News:

According to foreign media reports, Microsoft said Windows 7 was not found that security patches will lead to "black screen of death" for any evidence.

Last week, the UK-based security vendor Prevx reported that a small number of users will appear completely black screen after landing the issue Tuesday after media reports, the Microsoft security patch will lead to "black screen of death" , which has attracted wide attention.

Prevx said Microsoft's operating system to change the registry is the main cause of the problem, but Microsoft denies this.

The Microsoft representative Christopher - Bud (Christopher Budd), said: "Microsoft has already released to change the security update for the operating system registry to conduct a survey of some customers in November and found that media reports are wrong, after extensive investigation, we found that there was no black crash situation. "

He stressed that Microsoft's support team did not regard the "black screen of death" as the user's major problem, but once this happens, Microsoft will urge the client and support team access to free help.

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