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Monday, March 15, 2010

Apple iPad is expected to received 12 million units orders on the first day


March 14 message, according to Fortune online edition reported that the U.S. market research firm Investor Village Web site forum for Apple Investors AAPL Sanity's team has completed the iPad tablet computer, a preliminary analysis of the first day of futures.

Apple A1189 battery started to accept pre-orders on the 12th, April 3 shipping.

Apple iPad futures 19.5 hours after the opening, Sanity analysis group under 99 pen orders (a total of 110 futures iPad) of the sampling results, does not include an appointment rather than the number of futures Taiwan, made the following projections:

iPad on the first day of an open futures sold 120,000 units: This is an alarming figure is how come from? Apple 12 JCP has received 124,596 orders for copies of various products, including minus the daily average of 16500 copies of online orders, and then multiplied by 1.11 (average futures iPad Number of units per customer), the result is equivalent to 119,987 units Apple Powerbook G3 battery.

Wi-Fi models is better than Wi-Fi 3G Internet access models: most customers the cheaper futures Wi-Fi models, April 3 to receive product. The 3G internet models will not ship until the end of April. Wi-Fi-Pre-order the number of Wi-Fi 3G is about twice as high.

16GB, 32GB, 64GB capacity Apple PowerBook G4 12-Inch battery are selling three kinds of hot, three of the hot can be said is almost equal. However, the price of 499 U.S. dollars of the 16GB models, because the price of the most PFP and slightly ahead. The top of the 64GB models priced at 699 U.S. dollars, the most expensive up to 829 U.S. dollars, not including telecommunications company AT & T charges.

Valcent Financial Group analyst Castelo (victorcastroll) pointed out: apple A1175 battery in a single day can create more than 75 million U.S. dollars revenue impact of liberalization was actually 99.9% of the buyers have never even been touched before, not even witnessed products, but also to three weeks until after the market, which is really amazing.