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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sony and Intel claims 100,000

Due to the purchase of the Sony VAIO TZ series notebook VGP-BPS8 and information content of two incompatible, consumers Mr. Xie Sony (China) Co., Ltd., Intel (China) Co., Ltd. Suzhi Chaoyang Court, asking the two companies jointly and severally for compensation 10 thousand yuan.

Mr. Xie said in the indictment, in October 2007, through the media learned that Intel released a new generation of Intel's Centrino platform (Centrino 4).
In the computer stores in the sales force to promote adoption of the platform, the Sony VAIO TZ Series notebook battery standby time of up to 11.5 hours or so, built-in TPM security chip can file encryption, claiming that the series notebook choice for the aircraft fuselage and F1 racing on the carbon fiber material. Mr. Yu Shixie the purchase of the series of two computers Sony VGP-BPS9 battery, a total cost of 43,976 yuan.

After that, though Mr Tse was found, notebook stand only 3 hours, do not have encryption capabilities, and only machine built using carbon fiber materials. And Mr. Xie found that Intel's launch of a new generation of global news conference by the four Centrino CPU FSB 800 2 cache 4 MB, 965 chipset and 802.11N wireless protocol such as three core components, while its purchase of the two computer is 677 by the CPU front side bus 2 cache 2 MB, 945 mobile chipset and the composition of 802.11N wireless protocol is obviously inconsistent with the published targets. However, through the National Center for Quality Supervision and found that computer testing centers, namely the two issued a letter to the Intel Corporation hopes that the company offers a platform Centrino 4 standard, but the company has not been a positive reply.

Mr Tse believes that Intel and Sony, there is no good faith of businesses, and called for restitution of the two companies a total of 106,789 yuan. At present, the Beijing Chaoyang Court has formally accepted the case.

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