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Monday, March 1, 2010

EU conditional approves the merger between UK Orange and T-Mobile


March 2, according to foreign media reports, the European Commission Monday approved a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom and France Telecom Orange subsidiary, T-Mobile UK business merger, but requested that the two companies continue to work with competitors to share a communications network, and the sale of the quarter of 1800 MHz spectrum band.

This merger will create Britain's largest mobile operator, due to mergers and acquisitions in Britain after four remaining operators, the European Commission asked the two companies to continue to allow the smallest 3UK companies use Deutsche Telekom's communications network. In addition, after the merger, two companies dominate the 1800 MHz band, if unchecked, could endanger other British companies to provide next-generation high-speed mobile data services.

The combined new company will account for 37% of the UK market, market share, far exceeding the current first and second in the Spanish telecom Vodafone, which accounted for 27% and 25%.

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