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Monday, March 1, 2010

Google Chrome browser usage is super to Apple Safari

International reported that statistics show that at least one company, Google's global browser usage has exceeded Apple's Safari iphone 3GS battery.

NetApplications calculated browser usage is based on the User to visit the company's global web site number of samples used by the browser.

In the December 6 to 12, this week, Microsoft's IE and Firefox are still among the top two, respectively, and the third belonging to Google Chrome, utilization of up to 4.4%, slightly more than Safari, 4.37%.

Before, these two versions of the developer only try. According to Chromium development schedule, Google prepared to January 12 next year, release "stable" version.

Not too serious look at these usage statistics. While the global users, 0.03 percent, representing a lot of size, still only a very small part. The NetApplications in August to change their statistical methods, but also make more vulnerable to changes in usage rankings. Weekly statistics change is also greater: If Firefox on a certain week of November up to 25% of usage, the month the average was only 24.72%.

Asked a number of browser vendors, to NetApplications any comment on the credibility of statistical data. The answer generally positive, but less than the extent of their endorsement. However, regardless of their accuracy detail why, Chrome's growth curve is indeed going up: 11 months of utilization rate of 3.93%, while the Safari was 4.36%.

Google first online search product is almost entirely dependent on word of mouth reputation of play, but Chrome also follow the same way. The latest approach is to "Chrome for Christmas" website, invite your friends to download Chrome.

Firefox proved that take the operating system is not strong ride on a browser can also be successful, but if Chrome continues to grow, but also that this success is not a fluke Apple M6385 battery.

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